Romina Muhametaj

SpecialitySales & Negotiating Expert

Romina Muhametaj is the founder of Six 7 Radius and the host of Coffee with Romina. At the same time, she holds the President Chair for Florida State College at Jacksonville – Society of Human Resource Management Student Chapter. Recently Romina launched Northeast Florida Negotiation Club.

Six 7 Radius LLC., is a consulting firm that helps companies grow by building one-of-a-kind marketing strategies & sales techniques. Romina’s true passion is connecting with people, coaching sales, and helping stakeholders their true importance for the organizations’ growth internally and externally.

She currently produces 5 podcasts and hosts a total of 3 podcasts.

Even though Romina has a packed schedule she finds joy on her cross-country road trips. She loves HOPE theory, Help One Person Every day. Life is too boring when you enjoy your success by yourself so you share it with others.



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